What the ''Grand Bargain'' Means for the Business Community

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July 25, 2018
A few weeks ago, it appeared that Massachusetts voters were going to have plenty to think about in November.  Ballot printers were readying the presses to see if voters wanted to raise the minimum wage, decrease the sales tax, institute paid family leave and levy a 4% surtax on all income earned in excess of $1 million annually.  In all, seven questions would be on the ballot.  But after a rapid series of events only three remain, none of which include the above.

Instead, voters will be asked to consider Question 1 - A Law Relative To Patient Safety And Hospital Transparency, Question 2 - Establishing a Constitutional Amendment to Secure Government of the People (Limiting Election Spending and Corporate Rights) and Question 3 - Proposal to Repeal a 2016 law that banned discrimination against transgender people in places of public accomodation. 

Read full article on the Genesis HR Solutions blog.
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