Halal Eatz



About Us

Halal Eatz is a fast casual burger chain founded in Burlington. Our menu is comprised of gourmet burgers along with traditional platters and sides including chicken over rice, lamb gyro, chicken wings, fries, and desserts. Our signature white and hot sauces are made in house from scratch.

Our selection of Burgers include 5.3 oz patties giving customers a wide range of menu items to select from. In addition to burgers, a wide variety of sauces are available for our wings, chicken tenders, fries and sides.

Halal Eatz is proud to feature a 100% Halal menu with a certification from HMS (Halal Monitoring Services).

At Halal Eatz, we strive to offer you the highest quality of halal meat, in a variety of dishes. From the griddle to even our vegetarian options, we never compromise on quality.

The Halal Eatz establishment runs based on a strong team of friendly and enthusiastic staff who always ensure that their customers are looked after to the best of their ability. They are always more than happy to answer any questions customers have to ensure that everyone leaves with a big smile and a full belly.

Feel like staying home? Too busy to cook? Stuck at your desk with no time to eat out? Order online and enjoy a meal that’s not only fresh and delicious, but convenient, too.

Our mission is to deliver quality food made with quality ingredients to our customers, providing exemplary service and leaving you with a smile after every meal with us.

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