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Teriyaki MadnessTeriyaki Madness



About Us

Teriyaki Madness serves up huge bowls of teriyaki awesomeness. Chicken, Steak, Tofu, Veggies, Noodles, Rice, Fried Rice. Customize your bowl. We make it fresh! Japanese inspired, Seattle-style Teriyaki. Best Teriyaki you’ve never heard of until now.


Gallery Image TMAD_BrownRice.png
Gallery Image TMAD_ChickenEggroll_Appetizer.png
Gallery Image TMAD_Edamame_Appetizer.png
Gallery Image TMAD_LargeChickenTeriyaki_Bowl_150722-093041.png
Gallery Image TMAD_LargeSalmonTeriyakiBowl.png
Gallery Image TMAD_LargeSteakTeriyakiBowl.png
Gallery Image TMAD_Veggies.png
Gallery Image TMAD_YakisobaNoodles.png
Gallery Image TMAD-ChickenTeriyaki-Catering.png
Gallery Image TMAD-Veggies-Catering.png

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