Meet the Ambassadors: Laura Tambone

BACC Ambassadors are Chamber Members selected for their ability to inform, promote and encourage meaningful participation in Chamber programs.
Meet Ambassador Laura Tambone

Laura Tambone
Business Development Manager
Nesco Resource

How long have you been in your current career? Describe any promotions, and/or circumstances that led you to this career.
I recently made the move into professional staffing after working for 15 years in People Operation roles that encompassed HR functions, Talent Acquisition, Training & Development, and Financial & Sales planning. I have had the opportunity to work in privately owned organizations and global entities working alongside executive leaders to create environments that bring teams together to produce revenue generation. In my last role I was appointed one of 12 people in the US to roll out a new software implementation that converged several different operating systems into one single program. My experience in leading direct report teams and staffing of up to 200+ people in a single location has given me the tools to provide market insight to help companies meet their unique needs.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your position? What drives you to stay in this position?
What I love most about my position is connecting with internal leaders to strategize their people needs. My partnership with HR, TA, and hiring managers allow my team and I to enhance the company from a culture, productivity, and innovation perspective. The more I cultivate new and existing relationships that add value and growth to an organization, the more I am driven professionally.

How long have you been a BACC member? What has your experience been like with the chamber? 
I joined the BACC last spring/ summer. The first event I went to was a women’s luncheon, where I was able to meet such a rich and diverse group of women who touch so many aspects our of community. I was blown away by how there were so many like-minded people genuinely interested in being a resource to each other.

What are some facts about yourself that people might not know?
I love thinking, strategizing, and maximizing outcomes. I love leading a thought from inception to completion whether on my own, or as a team. (Ask me about decorating and travel planning, it’s one of my favorite ways to lean into this passion!) I am also a Red Cross donor on my way to my 2 gallon mark, and I am certified in level 1 Reiki, and huge Beatles fan.

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