Meet the Ambassadors: Lisa Sigman

BACC Ambassadors are Chamber Members selected for their ability to inform, promote and encourage meaningful participation in Chamber programs.
Meet Ambassador Lisa Sigman.

Lisa Sigman
Lisa Sigman Law
How long have you been in your current career? Describe any promotions, and/or circumstances that led you to this career. 
I’ve been practicing since 2005.  I actually switched careers from healthcare (I was an X-ray and MRI technologist) when I was inspired by the movie Legally Blonde to go to law school.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your position? What drives you to stay in this position? 
I love working with small business owners.  Helping them succeed is so gratifying, I get a real “proud Mama moment” when I watch them grow.  And working with small businesses keeps my job interesting and engaging as I get to learn about so many industries and businesses.

How long have you been a BACC member? What has your experience been like with the chamber? 
My first experience with BACC was early in my legal career.  I took a break from networking and much of my practice for a few years when I was having my children, but as soon as I was back to work full-time, I came back to BACC.  I love this group.  I have visited and investigated other chambers in the area and there are none like BACC.  It’s such a well-blended mix of networking, social, philanthropic and government affairs.  The make-up of the members is equally well-balanced, with large and small businesses alike.

What are some facts about yourself that people might not know? 
I’m a single mom of two girls, I am a total Disney adult, I live and work (from home) in Billerica but grew up in Saugus (spending many a weekend in my teen years at the Burlington mall), and I always tell my Burlington area clients that they need to join the chamber!

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