VIKEN Detection Donates Equipment to Burlington Police Department

BURLINGTON — Chief Thomas P. Browne is pleased to share that Burlington Police received an equipment donation from VIKEN Detection on Wednesday, March 27.  

VIKEN Detection donated a “Nighthawk” handheld X-ray device to the Burlington Police Department and also extended an ongoing loan of its newest detection product, the “Foxhound” trace narcotics analyzer.

VIKEN’s Nighthawk is a handheld X-ray imaging system that allows officers to detect contraband, narcotics, weapons, and explosives, especially if the items are hidden in vehicles or behind walls. Foxhound is a portable chemical analyzer that can detect a variety of narcotics including cocaine, fentanyl, and amphetamine-based drugs.

These devices will assist Burlington Police in a variety of searches and in identifying dangerous drugs, contraband, and weapons. The devices also limit the risk of property damage and enhance officer safety. 

The donation was made possible through VIKEN’s VALOR Program, which puts modern detection technologies like Nighthawk into the hands of local police departments to help stem the tide of illegal drugs in local communities. VIKEN Detection, headquartered in Burlington, has a long-standing partnership with the Burlington Police Department Drug Unit and has assisted it with drug recognition technology.

“I would like to thank VIKEN Detection for its generous donation. These devices will assist us in keeping unwanted and illegal narcotics and weapons out of our community,” said Chief Browne. “I would also like to thank Detective Paul Callahan for his ongoing contribution as lead contact and liaison with VIKEN. I look forward to this continued partnership for years to come.”  

“The Burlington Police Department and Detective Paul Callahan have been great partners to us – testing new products, providing feedback from the field, and more – helping us ensure that the products we design stay ahead of the threats they encounter,” said Jim Ryan, CEO of VIKEN Detection. “We work with all types of local, state, and federal authorities domestically and abroad to help mitigate threats and find that here, it is our local police and public safety agencies that are left dealing with the devastating impacts of drug trafficking in their communities. The more that we can do through programs like VALOR to equip these departments with technology that not only detects threats but keeps the public and their officers safe from harm, the better.”

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Via Press Release from Burlington Police Department

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