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Atapya Therapeutics specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) and utilizes therapeutic massage to aide in your myofascial healing.MFR works with the bodies fascia, also called connective tissue, that surrounds every system in our body from head to toe. Fascia consists of collagen and elastin within a gel like fluid. When we experience injuries, stress, emotional or physical trauma, repetitive motions etc, the fascia begins to solidify and can adhere to surrounding structures. Adhesions or restrictions can reduce nutrients to our cells and can create pain, nerve sensations and other bizarre symptoms that often times are not near the source of our symptoms and does not show up on xrays or MRI's.Each visit we will do a postural analysis to see where your imbalances are, discuss where you are currently with your symptoms and create a session that is unique to your goals and targets the most restricted areas to help restore your fascia's pliability and reduce your discomforts.

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Michelle Fisher
Myofacial Release & Massage Therapist
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